November Episode Airings

It’s getting to be that time again! Below are the episodes that are expected to air this month, and make sure to check the Home Page to see what else to look out for in the coming months/year!

GOTHAM Season 4 Ep 8
Performing stunts and taking flight for
Coordinator Norm Douglass

THE PUNISHER Season 1 Ep 12
Performing stunts for
Coordinator Thom Williams

Long Overdue Updates

Don’t worry, I’ve been busy…

Since the Improv series with The PIT and getting my motorcycle license, I also completed the TV Professional Acting series with The Barrow Group, worked on Season 2 Episode 5 of CRASHING for stunts, and completed a month-long full time Yoga Teacher Training intensive with Hudson Yoga Project. Oh yeah, and I opened my own wellness clinic called Wellness Lab. Needless to say, I’ve been busy and I’m ready for a productive Fall!

Improv, Now Motorcycles & Acting

Just finished my Level 0: Joy of Improv class series… definitely a workout in committing to random words that come to mind and just leave your tongue. Thanks to Megan Baker for being our fearless leader from The PIT. 

This weekend is Motorcycle School to get my license. Next week begins Professional Acting for TV/Film with The Barrow Group!

Taking advantage of the pseudo TV stunt hiatus in NYC for some professional development!

THE DETOUR airs Tonight! 3/28/17

THE DETOUR airs Tonight at 9pm on TBS!

If you haven’t caught this show, it’s hilarious!
Samantha Bee is a co-creator.
Not to mention I’ll be on it in disguise.

Correction (4/2/17): Sooooo… things are constantly changing in the Film/TV industry. Looks like my episode actually aired March 21st! If you have access to the episodes, just look for when Vanessa and Natalie get in a fight at the tournament. Hint: I’m the brunette.