Erin E. Clyne has a background in dance and gymnastics, and is a SAG/AFTRA Stunt Performer and Actress in the NYC area. She is continuously training, andĀ most recently completed a Film/TV Acting Course at The Barrow Group with Stephen Singer.

Erin was a nationally competitive gymnast when she was younger, and went to Douglas Anderson School of the Arts for High School in Florida majoring in Dance. Since then, she has performed with various dance companies in Florida, Maryland, and Chicago. Her most notable engagements were with Chicago Dance Crash and Cerqua Rivera Dance Theatre.

In 2013, Erin began training in acting with Acting Studio Chicago and in stunts with LBP Stunts Chicago. She is now a member of LBP Stunts Chicago, and is grateful for all of the training and support. She joined SAG/AFTRA as a Stunt Performer in 2014, and moved to the NYC area in 2015.


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