Transitioning in the Time of Transitions

How are you doing? Really. How are you doing?

One thing that these times of COVID have encouraged is the sense of reflection, pause, and spurring to action towards a future that is more aligned with what we, as unique individuals, want.

That being said, the theme that has been consistently coming back to me is acknowledging all aspects of who I am as one whole person. I’ve been great at compartmentalizing my interests, peers, friends, goals…and, frankly, it’s exhausting. With five well or inadequately maintained websites going on all at once, social media, plus the jobs themselves – it just doesn’t make sense.

So I’m making steps to unify who I am in all aspects of my life. The different aspects inform each other, and it doesn’t make sense to keep them separate. This will take a bit to streamline, but I’m beginning by condensing a few things. I’ve put links below to sites that I’m anticipating will continue on, and I’m working on a single place to connect them all in case you only want to follow one aspect. So – Here we go…

All Things Film/TV

All Things Wellness
Erin Clyne, LMT
Wellness Lab

Writing Life
Short Form

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